Roads of Eastern Europe - Klaus Schameitat

ISBN 3667113234
AUTORIN/AUTORIN Klaus Schameitat

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Klappentext zu „Roads of Eastern Europe “The former Eastern Bloc is often perceived as a gray region with prefabricated buildings, and its four- wheeled products are usually compared to shoe boxes. Klaus Schameitat decided to abolish these prejudices by presenting us with the exceptional variety of vehicles developed behind the iron cur- tain, some of which still exist today. To achieve this, he not only traveled to the former GDR, but he also visited almost all the countries of the Eastern Bloc for more than 40 years.Big, American-looking sedans come across rear-engined air-cooled curiosities, monstrous transport vehicles dream of a better life on a scrapyard, and a Wartburg races against a Z uk van - but not on the road: both vehicles were converted into draisines. In this beautiful photo book, the East is repre- sented as an unusual, colorful, elegant, and sometimes simply astonishing region.The highlights: more than 800 documentary photos, mostly of everyday cars, concise model des- criptions, a wide variety of cars, trucks, buses and trains of all kinds from more than 60 manufacturers, photographed in 20 Eastern European countries, classified by country, with informative maps and introductory texts. Appendices include abbreviations and the main products of the manufacturers.Klaus Schameitat, born in 1958, a teacher of Latin and geography in a high school in Germany, has been working for over 40 years on the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and it is during his innumerable travels that he has passionately documented the treasures illustrated in this book. an ... Eastern Europe Tours & Trips 2019/2020 Discover an appealing variety of Eastern European travel packages that will take you to fascinating cities echoing in history such as Vienna, Prague or Budapest ... Maps of Europe and European countries | Political maps, Administrative ... ... . The countries in Red above make up what is known as Eastern Europe. East Europe as a concept has been in decline since the end of the cold war. Many of the countries on the Western border of the above countries marked in red have either entered the European Union or are moving to join. Joining the European Union is conceptual a step to becoming ... This map shows how Eastern Europe once looked. In 2006, Serbia and Montenegro officially split apart. The current map of Eastern Europe shows h ... Top 10 Roads : Driving Routes : Greatest Roads in Europe: View now with ... ... . Joining the European Union is conceptual a step to becoming ... This map shows how Eastern Europe once looked. In 2006, Serbia and Montenegro officially split apart. The current map of Eastern Europe shows how the region looks today. The Best of Central Europe: Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Prague. Small Group . Most Popular. Wishlist Share Start. Immerse yourself in the exquisite artistry of four of Europe's great cities, gaining a comprehensive understanding of historical monuments, c ... Got wheels, wanderlust and a spot of time? Start your engines: these are 9 of the best road trips in Europe to satisfy your craving for in-car adventures. Eastern Europe is the eastern part of the European continent. There is no consistent definition of the precise area it covers, partly because the term has a wide range of geopolitical , geographical, cultural, and socioeconomic connotations. The landscape throughout Europe offers far-reaching mountain ranges such as the Alps and Pyrenees, endless rivers flowing through breathtaking landscapes, such as the Danube and Rhine and many European capitals, which offer plenty of attractions for those in quest of cultural sites or those looking for entertaining activities. Norway's Atlantic Road is famous for its unique bends and twists. 15. Stelvio Pass, Italy. Located high in the Eastern Alps, this beautiful and dangerous drive is routinely on the top lists of great driving roads in Europe. Featuring amazing mountain vistas and tight curves that will test any driver's skill, it may be the best drive for ... Roads of Eastern Europe Cars, Trucks, Buses and Trains: The Legendary Vehicles of the Eastern Bloc by Klaus Schameitat 9783667113238 (Hardback, 2017) Delivery US ... Check each rental car company's policies and restrictions for driving in Eastern Europe. Some companies not only charge more for driving in Eastern European countries, but they also only allow certain cars to be driven there. It can be very expensive. Also make sure you hav...